Navigation Tips

Below are some tips to help you quickly navigate within RetainIt:
  • Title bar tap - Tap the center of any title bar to quickly return to the Cabinet home screen.  A tap on the Cabinet home screen takes you to the home screen.  Tapping the home screen title bar takes you to the cabinet selection screen.
  • Long press title bar - Long pressing on the title bar will quickly take you to the app home screen.
  • "Goto" toolbar menu - Tap the rightmost icon on the toolbar to display the "Goto" menu.  From this menu you can quickly goto the app home screen, cabinet home screen, or switch cabinets.
  • Swipe up to switch cabinets - When on the cabinet home screen you can swipe up to quickly switch cabinets.
  • "Dashboard" screen - Tap the center toolbar icon on the cabinet or app home screens to display the Dashboard screen.  From the Dashboard screen you can quickly access all categories and many other functions such as the Due Items, Contexts, and Today screens.
  • Pull to add - Many screens in RetainIt have a plus "+" button in the lower left of the toolbar.  An alternative to using the toolbar icon is to pull down from the top to activate the add.

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