Importing From the Web

With RetainIt you can import information from a browser using the website

To configure importing follow the steps below:
  1. In RetainIt goto the main Settings screen (accessed from the Home screen left menu).
  2. Under the "Import" section enter a keyword you would like to use on  It can be anything you want, just try to make it unique. 
  3. In a browser on your PC/Mac goto the website adding your keyword to the end of the url like so:
  4. On the website type in some information and click "Create Cl1p".  For this example we'll create a new todo item called "Walk the dog", so enter the text "Walk the dog" into and click "Create Cl1p".
  5. Now in RetainIt goto your Personal cabinet.  Select the "Todos" icon and in the toolbar select the tool icon (wrench).  Next select "Import" in the popup and then select "Item(s)".
  6. A new todo named "Walk the dog" should now be in your todo list.
  7. You can also import additional notes or checklist items from an item detail screen.
Item import syntax (to be entered on
  • First line: Item name
  • Subsequent lines: Item note
  • Lines starting with character "#": Checklist item
  • Lines after the "#" character make up the checklist item note
  • Separate multiple items with a single line containing two dashes, "--"
Example Item Syntax (3 items):

Walk the dog
Feed the cat
He likes meow mix.
Pay the bills
This is important
# Credit card
# Utility bill

Example Item Note Syntax:

This is a note
That has multiple lines
- One
- Two
- Three

Example Checklist (without notes) Syntax:

Checklist item1
Checklist item2
Checklist item3

Example Checklist (with notes) Syntax:

#Checklist item1
#Checklist item2
#Checklist item3

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